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Please read before using the Zoom meeting software.

Please read before using the Zoom meeting software.
Zoom is software that allows people remotely to meet with the Internet live. Zoom is a video conferencing app, geared towards business usage. It was founded in 2011, by Eric Yuan, and launched in January 2013. The software became very popular due to the covid19 virus that spread around the world. Having to stay at home for days at a time led people to meet with the Internet, for which Zoom became the best option.

                Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing software solution that allows organizations in the educational, financial, health care, and government sectors to conduct virtual meetings and collaborate in real-time using integrated communication tools. Users can utilize HD video and audio to virtually communicate with meeting participants in any video call. Features include unlimited voice and video conferencing, screen sharing, messaging, video webinars, virtual workspaces, and more.

Zoom Features and Specifications
  • Collaboration – Allows collaboration with up to 300 UR and external non-UR individuals, including chat, annotation, whiteboarding, and breakout rooms.

  • Screen and application sharing – Presenters can share their whole desktop or individual applications.

  • Dynamic voice detection – Primary camera view will automatically toggle to the active speaker.

  • Scheduling – Browser, client, and plugin scheduling options, including delegation for co-hosts and schedulers.

  • Recording – Record meetings locally and upload to Blackboard Learn, Box, OneDrive Video, or Youtube.

  • Large room and webinar – Zoom sessions can be expanded to allow larger groups, up to 500 interactive participants in Large Rooms or 10,000 viewers via Zoom Webinars.

  • Mobile devices – Feature-rich mobile apps for iOS and Android.

zoom meeting software free download

To download the Zoom meeting software to your computer or mobile device, go to the official download web page here.