The COVID-19  had already started to change the lives of countless people worldwide, and also the societies where they serve, live, and interact, well before the WHO declared it a global epidemic on March 11, 2020.

Governments, companies, and all countries reacted to the danger in a number of ways as the epidemic spread across the world in the week after the pandemic declaration. These may include a ban on public contact and hygiene manuals to mandatory shelter-in-place orders.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Business Costs During the Crisis

One of the most amazing characteristics that technology has is its ability to improve and evolve every single day. New inventions and updates are constantly appearing in the market, which makes it a little bit difficult to keep up with it, especially for those users who do not get along with technology at all.

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Apple officially unveiled its latest iPad Pro yesterday. Let's see what the details of the new member of the Apple iPad family are.
Apple ipad 2021 price

There are thousands of reasons that cross my mind when thinking of a spy app. There is however one reason that always tops the list; yeah, you guessed right! Spying on a cheating spouse. We live in a time when the world is a global village, not my words, I agree. Communication is so easy these days. So is movement from one place to another.

With all this ease and convenience, some people may at times do things that, let's say, are not expected of them, like cheating on their partner. See, people can easily and randomly meet on Facebook one day and the next day meet and do things, again, that is not expected of them and their partner will not even notice. That is the bad news.

6 Best Apps to Spy on Cheating Spouse Free for iOS

The good news is most of the things these days are done using smartphones and these smartphones can be monitored so that one can know their partner's whereabouts and what they are up to without the partner knowing they are being more monitored.

Welcome to the world of Spy apps. Maybe you like your spying articles with a list of options to choose from. So today let us look at the best spy apps for iOS. All the apps on this list have a worldwide reach with users in over 190 countries around the world. I have also selected applications that are easy to use and unrecognizable.

With so many spy apps in the market, deciding on the best can be at times overwhelming. Truth be told, there are tons of apps with malware out there.

All of them also have some cool features such as the keylogger feature that monitors keystrokes made on the target device, location tracker, and geofencing feature that lets you set a geographical perimeter for the target device's location and alerts you when this perimeter is breached.

They can also monitor the browser history, call logs, and social media apps of the target device and do not need to jailbreak or root.

All the tracking/spy apps in the list have been featured in Forbes, Tech Radar, The Verge, New York Times among other outlets.


Spyine tops the list for me. It is well established in the market and has great reviews with features in the Tech Advisor, The Verge, New York Times, Business Insider, Digital Trends, and many more outlets

For the iOS version, it comes in family, premium, and business packages.


Why Spyine Spy App is the best

Spyine is made up of features that stand out from the rest. It does not store private data on its servers. So you can be sure that there is no third eye.

Spyine also comes with the Stealth mode that makes it undetectable by the target device or person. You would not want your spouse to know you are spying on them. Especially not before you get the answers you need.

With iOS, you do not need to install any apps. You don’t even need to get physical access to the target device. Just enter the iCloud details for the target device and you can monitor the target device from a dashboard on any browser.

Spyine does not require you to jailbreak or root as many other apps do. Spyine has so many more features that you can check out on the Spyine website on your browser and also sign up for free.


Spyzie has also made a name for itself in the cell phone tracking industry. It is available for both Android and IOS operating systems.


Spyzie offers some cool features such as the keylogger feature, location tracker, and geofencing feature. You can also monitor the browser history, call logs, and social media apps of the target device. It also works in stealth mode and so the owner of the target device doesn’t know they are being tracked. Spyzie is easy to install and use. Go to the Spyzie website on your browser and click on Sign Up Free.


Spyic is another spy app that works well on iOS. It is very easy to use and makes tracking as easy as pie. Signing up is easy too.

Spyic boasts of 24/7 customer service and also has a 60-day money-back guarantee and hassle-free refunds.



Cocospy offers features like monitoring calls and tracking someone's location. You can use Cocospy to read SMS on the target phone. It allows you to browse the browser history, so you can track other person's activity on the Internet.



Minspy enables one to spy on all social media platforms, monitors all incoming and outgoing calls, helps track the location of the target device, and even gives access to photos and videos saved in the target device.



Spyier is the solution to tracking cell phones on iOS. It comes with features like access to target device SMS, call log monitoring, and GPS tracking. Like other apps, Spyier offers stealth mode and is therefore undetectable. These are some of the apps I used on the iOS platform.


These are some of the apps I have used on the iOS platform. All of them also have their Android versions.

In Conclusion

When looking for a good Spy app for the iOS device you plan to monitor, be sure to check on:

Their ease of use in terms of signing up to accessing the data you seek. Do not choose a tracking app if it is complicated to use.

Compatibility- make sure the spy app you intend to purchase is compatible with the device you intend to monitor.

Features – Choose an app that offers the most features. With many apps in the market, you have a pool of apps to choose from.

Cost - You should take time to consider the various plans offered by the app you are buying and decide carefully on which offers the best value for money.

Did you want to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone XR? iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature that ties your device’s unique identifier and Apple ID together on Apple servers. The security measure is available on iPhone XR and other more recent iPhone models.

Unfortunately, many iOS users are unaware of the iCloud Activation Lock until they need to reset their iPhone or install a major iOS upgrade. After resetting or installing new iOS software, Apple will ask you to sign in to verify your credentials. Without the correct details, you will not be able to pass the activation lock screen.

4 Easy Ways on How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone XR

iCloudin is among the most sought-after activation removal tools to help users bypass the activation lock. It has been a subject of controversy lately and many Apple users are doubting the efficiency of features it claims to offer.

Keeping this in view, we have done a comprehensive search on iCloudin download to find out if it is real or fake and whether or not Apple users should install it. So, if you’re planning to use this tool, then read this review piece carefully and make an informed decision. 

Part 1. An In-Depth Reviews of iCloudin Activation Removal Tool

Let us deep dive into the details of iCloudin download tool. 

1. What is iCloudin tool?

ICloudin is a third-party software that claims to bypass the activation lock in all Apple devices.  Whenever you are locked out of your iPhone due to the activation lock, you need a tool like iCloudin to help remove the lock and regain access to your device.
A Trusted Review of Free Download iCloudin Tool

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If you are reading this article, your iPhone XR is stuck with the iCloud Activation Lock screen and you need to iPhone XR bypass.

Update - Bypass iPhone XR Activation Lock in 4 Top Ways

There may be times when you accidentally recorded your video in the wrong orientation. This may be because you may be holding your phone the wrong way and simply forgot to correct it. Some Windows users wonder if they can rotate video on Windows Media Player since they often use this player to enjoy watching movies. What’s disappointing is that it can’t still do the job.

Video makers place watermark information on clips in the shape of words, photos, or icons to secure their creations. A watermark would be a word or symbol displayed on a film, a picture, or a report that identifies its legitimacy. It's hard for you to remove a watermark from the video for free. Fortunately, several helpful internet and software resources can let you overcome the challenge.

Best 3 Free Video Watermark Removal Tools.

Here are the 3 best free tools we've selected for you. You should evaluate them and pick the best one for you. Best Free Tools for Removing Watermark.

How to remove 'Find My iPhone' without previous owner in 2021

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