May the 4th, AKA the Star Wars Day is just around the corner. To celebrate this special anniversary, WinXDVD software launched a special campaign to share its popular product WinX DVD Ripper for free. What’s better, the participants also have the chance to win grand prizes including PS4 game consoles, Star Wars Saga DVDs, and Star Wars toys. To find out more about this campaign, please click here to enter.

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WinX DVD Ripper - The ultimate tool to convert your DVD movies to MP4 videos

DVD discs are always fragile and easily broken. To avoid such disasters, you can create a digital copy of the DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper. Meanwhile, this software makes it possible to watch your DVD movies on your smartphone, TV, PC by converting DVD to MP4 video.

Win PS4 and More Prizes, Get WinX DVD Ripper for Free

Here is an overview of its main features:

  • Rip DVDs in MP4 format to be able to play DVDs even without a DVD player on a smartphone or laptop not equipped with a player.
  • Convert DVD to any video format: MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, MP3, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac.
  • A full copy of DVDs without loss of quality.
  • Support of all types of DVDs (old, recent, damaged)
  • Edit ripped DVDs in just a few clicks: cut sections, combine sections, resize, add subtitles, adjust parameters.
  • Fast DVD conversion: the software is able to perform a full DVD backup in less than 5 minutes thanks to its level 3 software acceleration technology.

Many people know how we all can read my boyfriend's messages, but if you are new and want to find out how it can be done with the help of a trusted application, then you have landed on the right place. We have done some extensive research and got answers to all the questions in mind.

Here we will let you know which solution is the best one that can be utilized to gain access to someone’s cell phone without touching it. Have a look at this piece of information and till the end of it, users will be capable of finding the answers to all their questions. 

Minspy, The Best Hacking Application

There are many spy apps, but the advantages that come along with Minspy can’t be found anywhere else. This app has everything you need to go for if your main priority is to work remotely.
How to Hack Someone's Cell Phone without Touching It

Apple announced the air tag at an event in April 2021. This is their latest product. Here's what they need to know about AirTags, all the details they offer, where they can be purchased and how much they cost.

apple tag tracker, apple air tag, airtags price

The product has been rumored for a long time and has now finally launched. It's by Apple One of the cheapest gadgets ever made. After using Bluetooth in the FindMy app, you can attach it with items such as keys and wallets that can be tracked. You can see where it is at any time as it goes with the item. 

Apple announced the air tag at its Spring Loading event on April 20th. Pre-orders for air tags begin on April 23rd. This can be purchased from the market after last April.

This AirTag can be attached as a keytag to your car or two keys, to a motorcycle or bicycle that gets in the way of a trip, or to a small child's school bag. Then you can track where they are using the FindMy app as shown below. And you can see where it has gone. Let's take a look at all the other details like how the new gadget works and its features.

Let's see how the air tag works.

To use the AirTag gadget, you need an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 14.5 or later, iPad OS 14.5 or above. Once you are set up, you can use Find My on all devices to find objects attached to the AirTag.

The Apple Air Tag is powered by a U1 chip using ultra-wideband technology. With this, you can see any place near, indoors or outdoors or as a final location. If you enable Accurate Finder on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, you can find its distance and direction if the missing airtag is in range.

A battery that can be replaced by an AirTag lasts about a year. It does not need to be charged. To remove the battery, click on the back panel of the gadget to deactivate it. The maximum Bluetooth range is about 100 meters. The air tag comes with IP67 water and dust resistance and can stay in water up to 3.3 feet (1 m) for half an hour. When it is not framed it is set with a one-tap gesture.

A single air tag costs $ 29 and A packet of four air tags costs $ 99. You can buy it from the official Apple website here.

Battery & Protect.

The AirTag uses a replaceable battery that lasts about a year and you can't recharge it. To remove the battery, press Disable it on the back panel of the gadget. The air tag comes with IP67 water and dust resistance and can be submerged in water up to 3.3 feet (1 m) for 30 minutes.


Find my app works on Apple ID. You do not need to mention the security of an Apple ID. It's so safe. so no one can track them and protect the user's privacy and security. Location data and even history are not stored.

Samsung recently unveiled a new range of laptops, including the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro series. The screen of this laptop is released as 13.3-inch and 15.5-inch and sporting Intel 11th gen Tiger Lake UP3 CPUs and Intel Iris Xe graphics, It has a very slim user-friendly finish. This is one of the most talked-about laptops in the world today, Samsung says that the Galaxy Book Odyssey laptop will feature an RTX 3050 Ti graphics card.

Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey world's first laptop with RTX 3050 Ti

As for the rest of the specifications, 

  • Intel’s 11th gen H-class Core i5 and Core i7 processors.
  • while the laptop will come in 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB of LPDDR4X RAM configurations.
  • Up to 1TB of NVMe storage.
  • 1080p display (This laptop should be able to provide a very decent 1080p gaming experience.)
  • it’s not OLED but rather LCD. 
  • 720p webcam as well as a fingerprint reader.
  • microSD card support and for connectivity.
  • Two USB-C ports.
  • Three USB 3.2 ports.
  • HDMI port.
  • Network port.

Samsung Galaxy Book odyssey is the World's first laptop with RTX 3050 Ti.

The Galaxy Book Odyssey goes on sale in August and starts at $ 1,399 for the "mysterious black" base model.

There are phone spying applications on the market today and they all have something to offer. There is an essence to capitalize on the best meaning you will be looking for certain qualities.

That is why you are engaged in research to find an excellent way to spy on your phone remotely. The best way to track someone is what you need on your phone when choosing the best solution.

You can ask yourself what you would like to see on a targeted phone. Later, you can utilize the findings when comparing what the chosen apps bring to the table. We have one application that has proven to be worthy of spy phones for years now.

Let’s see what it can solve and what it has to offer in the spying industry.

Why Should I Spy on My Phone Remotely?

Spying may seem to apply more to others, but there is a need when it comes to your phone too. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to think about a spying application:

Lost Case Scenario

Nobody likes it when their phone is missing. It could be lost, or someone snatched from you. While you are pondering where it might be, having a ready solution can make things easier.

It’s much better when you set up the solution while you still have the phone. That is how it helps you best in your time of need. An app like Spyic will help show you where the phone is remotely by just accessing your online account.

That means it can work independently after the initial setup.

A Solution for Others

Would you like to know if a spying app works as advertised or not? Then the best place to start is to test your phone. Once you see the results first hand, you will have an idea of what to expect when you use it on your child, for example.

Engaging in the trial and error tasks will also help you learn more about how spying applications work. If the demo page does not erase your doubts, then getting the application to work on you will provide a better assurance.

How Spyic Helps in Spying My Phone Remotely

Now, let’s look into the solution that will help you spy on your phone without it. Spyic has been around for a long time and is enjoyed by millions around the world. A few reasons that allow it to achieve global standards include:

Cross-Platform Application

You can use Spyic to spy on Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. It works on both phone operating systems, covering various phones and tablets in the process. If you have both Android and Apple devices, Spyic will fix you.

How to Spy My Phone App Remotely

Nowadays most people hide their Instagram profile for certain reasons that is why they do private their Instagram profile and that makes his or her activity hidden so that no one can view his or her activity on Instagram like sharing posts unless he or she allows your profile.

And almost every person wants that there would not be anything hidden in between their partner and a growing child. If you want to view the private Instagram account of your partner, child, and someone else, so today your this wish will be fulfilled.

There are a lot of applications and sites that pretend to be trusted in terms of monitoring social media apps but actually, they are fraud, they do nothing but waste your time. But the site and application I am suggesting you are trusted and it makes you able to view someone’s private Instagram profile within five minutes.

How to View Someone’s Private Instagram Account

As you know not any lock can be opened unless you put the right key, so just like that you can’t view someone’s private Instagram account unless you use the right method to do that. Just read on to learn the actual right way of viewing someone’s private Instagram account.

The site and application I am suggesting to you are very useful and there are a lot of features that make it amazing.

Not only the Instagram’s personal posts but the majority of secrets are kept in their personal DMs, and definitely many people not only want to view the personal posts of someone’s private Instagram account but also want to view their personal DMs details and all these expectations can only be fulfilled by the site and application I am suggesting you that is described below in details.

Spyier - Any Private Instagram Account Is Not Private For You

Spyier is the most trusted phone spy application that lets you know how to view someone's private Instagram with no survey. Spyier is the phone monitoring application that makes you able to view all the personal data of someone’s private Instagram account including their personal posts, DMs, and other ACTIVITIES. Spyier can give you all the personal information of someone’s private Instagram account in just five minutes and all that is totally secret with Spyier.

How to View Someone’s Instagram Without Survey

The COVID-19 had already started to change the lives of countless people worldwide, and also the societies where they serve, live, and interact, well before the WHO declared it a global epidemic on March 11, 2020.

Governments, companies, and all countries reacted to the danger in a number of ways as the epidemic spread across the world in the week after the pandemic declaration. These may include a ban on public contact and hygiene manuals to mandatory shelter-in-place orders.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Business Costs During the Crisis

One of the most amazing characteristics that technology has is its ability to improve and evolve every single day. New inventions and updates are constantly appearing in the market, which makes it a little bit difficult to keep up with it, especially for those users who do not get along with technology at all.

Knowing Virtual Numbers -

Apple officially unveiled its latest iPad Pro yesterday. Let's see what the details of the new member of the Apple iPad family are.
Apple ipad 2021 price

There are thousands of reasons that cross my mind when thinking of a spy app. There is however one reason that always tops the list; yeah, you guessed right! Spying on a cheating spouse. We live in a time when the world is a global village, not my words, I agree. Communication is so easy these days. So is movement from one place to another.

With all this ease and convenience, some people may at times do things that, let's say, are not expected of them, like cheating on their partner. See, people can easily and randomly meet on Facebook one day and the next day meet and do things, again, that is not expected of them and their partner will not even notice. That is the bad news.

6 Best Apps to Spy on Cheating Spouse Free for iOS

The good news is most of the things these days are done using smartphones and these smartphones can be monitored so that one can know their partner's whereabouts and what they are up to without the partner knowing they are being more monitored.

Welcome to the world of Spy apps. Maybe you like your spying articles with a list of options to choose from. So today let us look at the best spy apps for iOS. All the apps on this list have a worldwide reach with users in over 190 countries around the world. I have also selected applications that are easy to use and unrecognizable.

With so many spy apps in the market, deciding on the best can be at times overwhelming. Truth be told, there are tons of apps with malware out there.

All of them also have some cool features such as the keylogger feature that monitors keystrokes made on the target device, location tracker, and geofencing feature that lets you set a geographical perimeter for the target device's location and alerts you when this perimeter is breached.

They can also monitor the browser history, call logs, and social media apps of the target device and do not need to jailbreak or root.

All the tracking/spy apps in the list have been featured in Forbes, Tech Radar, The Verge, New York Times among other outlets.


Spyine tops the list for me. It is well established in the market and has great reviews with features in the Tech Advisor, The Verge, New York Times, Business Insider, Digital Trends, and many more outlets

For the iOS version, it comes in family, premium, and business packages.


Why Spyine Spy App is the best

Spyine is made up of features that stand out from the rest. It does not store private data on its servers. So you can be sure that there is no third eye.

Spyine also comes with the Stealth mode that makes it undetectable by the target device or person. You would not want your spouse to know you are spying on them. Especially not before you get the answers you need.

With iOS, you do not need to install any apps. You don’t even need to get physical access to the target device. Just enter the iCloud details for the target device and you can monitor the target device from a dashboard on any browser.

Spyine does not require you to jailbreak or root as many other apps do. Spyine has so many more features that you can check out on the Spyine website on your browser and also sign up for free.


Spyzie has also made a name for itself in the cell phone tracking industry. It is available for both Android and IOS operating systems.


Spyzie offers some cool features such as the keylogger feature, location tracker, and geofencing feature. You can also monitor the browser history, call logs, and social media apps of the target device. It also works in stealth mode and so the owner of the target device doesn’t know they are being tracked. Spyzie is easy to install and use. Go to the Spyzie website on your browser and click on Sign Up Free.


Spyic is another spy app that works well on iOS. It is very easy to use and makes tracking as easy as pie. Signing up is easy too.

Spyic boasts of 24/7 customer service and also has a 60-day money-back guarantee and hassle-free refunds.



Cocospy offers features like monitoring calls and tracking someone's location. You can use Cocospy to read SMS on the target phone. It allows you to browse the browser history, so you can track other person's activity on the Internet.



Minspy enables one to spy on all social media platforms, monitors all incoming and outgoing calls, helps track the location of the target device, and even gives access to photos and videos saved in the target device.



Spyier is the solution to tracking cell phones on iOS. It comes with features like access to target device SMS, call log monitoring, and GPS tracking. Like other apps, Spyier offers stealth mode and is therefore undetectable. These are some of the apps I used on the iOS platform.


These are some of the apps I have used on the iOS platform. All of them also have their Android versions.

In Conclusion

When looking for a good Spy app for the iOS device you plan to monitor, be sure to check on:

Their ease of use in terms of signing up to accessing the data you seek. Do not choose a tracking app if it is complicated to use.

Compatibility- make sure the spy app you intend to purchase is compatible with the device you intend to monitor.

Features – Choose an app that offers the most features. With many apps in the market, you have a pool of apps to choose from.

Cost - You should take time to consider the various plans offered by the app you are buying and decide carefully on which offers the best value for money.

Did you want to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone XR? iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature that ties your device’s unique identifier and Apple ID together on Apple servers. The security measure is available on iPhone XR and other more recent iPhone models.

Unfortunately, many iOS users are unaware of the iCloud Activation Lock until they need to reset their iPhone or install a major iOS upgrade. After resetting or installing new iOS software, Apple will ask you to sign in to verify your credentials. Without the correct details, you will not be able to pass the activation lock screen.

4 Easy Ways on How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone XR

iCloudin is among the most sought-after activation removal tools to help users bypass the activation lock. It has been a subject of controversy lately and many Apple users are doubting the efficiency of features it claims to offer.

Keeping this in view, we have done a comprehensive search on iCloudin download to find out if it is real or fake and whether or not Apple users should install it. So, if you’re planning to use this tool, then read this review piece carefully and make an informed decision. 

Part 1. An In-Depth Reviews of iCloudin Activation Removal Tool

Let us deep dive into the details of iCloudin download tool. 

1. What is iCloudin tool?

ICloudin is a third-party software that claims to bypass the activation lock in all Apple devices.  Whenever you are locked out of your iPhone due to the activation lock, you need a tool like iCloudin to help remove the lock and regain access to your device.
A Trusted Review of Free Download iCloudin Tool