Jun 29, 2014

Learn English in sinhala - lesson 06

hd¨‍jfka wms wo ;j;a jeo.;a mdvula bf.k .uq' ;j ojia follska ú;r Thd,g Tenses lshd fokakï' wo Thd,g lshd fokafka Prepositions'

fmdä jf.a fmkqkg wjYHu mdvula' u;lo A/L ,O/L Exams  2 gu jf.a fï fldgiska m%Yakhla wksjd¾fhka tkjuhs'

wms fldhs ;rï f,aishs lsh,d ys;=j;a m%Yafkl wyoa§ wmsg megf,kjd fï Prepositions' kuq;a wo fï Lesson tflka miafia Thd,g álla yß Prepositions f,ihs lsh, ys;=fkd;a wmsg comment tlla odkak'

hd¨‍jfka Pre lshkafka fudllao@ t;ku wmsg f;areï .kak mq¿jka Prepositions fldhs jf.a ;ek j,o lrkafka lsh,d' maf¾ lshkafka biafi,a,d lshk tl' Prepositions lshkafka fndfyda fj,djg nouns j,g l,ska fhdod.kakd flá jpkhs' ^ that usually stand in front of nouns )

  • WodyrK lsysmhla kï - IN , ON , AT ,  SINCE , FOR , AGO , TO , TILL , UNTILL  , BY jf.a jpk.
PREPOSITIONS j¾. áll=;a ;sfhkjd" wms wog Basic ál ú;rla bf.k .uq '

Prepositions – Time

  • on
  • days of the week
  • on Monday
  • in
  • months / seasons
  • time of day
  • year
  • after a certain period of time (when?)
  • in August / in winter
  • in the morning
  • in 2006
  • in an hour
  • at
  • for night
  • for weekend
  • a certain point of time (when?)
  • at night
  • at the weekend
  • at half past nine
  • since
  • from a certain point of time (past till now)
  • since 1980
  • for
  • over a certain period of time (past till now)
  • for 2 years
  • ago
  • a certain time in the past
  • 2 years ago
  • before
  • earlier than a certain point of time
  • before 2004
  • to
  • telling the time
  • ten to six (5:50)
  • past
  • telling the time
  • ten past six (6:10)
  • to / till / until
  • marking the beginning and end of a period of time
  • from Monday to/till Friday
  • till / until
  • in the sense of how long something is going to last
  • He is on holiday until Friday.
  • by
  • in the sense of at the latest
  • up to a certain time
  • I will be back by 6 o’clock.
  • By 11 o'clock, I had read five pages.

Prepositions – Place ( Position and Direction )
  • in
·          room, building, street, town, country
  • book, paper etc.
  • car, taxi
  • picture, world
  • in the kitchen, in London
  • in the book
  • in the car, in a taxi
  • in the picture, in the world
  • at
  • meaning next to, by an object
  • for table
  • for events
  • place where you are to do something typical (watch a film, study, work)
  • at the door, at the station
  • at the table
  • at a concert, at the party
  • at the cinema, at school, at work
  • on
  • attached
  • for a place with a river
  • being on a surface
  • for a certain side (left, right)
  • for a floor in a house
  • for public transport
  • for television, radio
  • the picture on the wall
  • London lies on the Thames.
  • on the table
  • on the left
  • on the first floor
  • on the bus, on a plane
  • on TV, on the radio
  • by, next to, beside
  • left or right of somebody or something
  • Jane is standing by / next to / beside the car.
  • under
  • on the ground, lower than (or covered by) something else
  • the bag is under the table
  • below
  • lower than something else but above ground
  • the fish are below the surface
  • over
  • covered by something else
  • meaning more than
  • getting to the other side (also across)
  • overcoming an obstacle
  • put a jacket over your shirt
  • over 16 years of age
  • walk over the bridge
  • climb over the wall
  • above
  • higher than something else, but not directly over it
  • a path above the lake
  • across
  • getting to the other side (also over)
  • getting to the other side
  • walk across the bridge
  • swim across the lake
  • through
  • something with limits on top, bottom and the sides
  • drive through the tunnel
  • to
  • movement to person or building
  • movement to a place or country
  • for bed
  • go to the cinema
  • go to London / Ireland
  • go to bed
  • into
  • enter a room / a building
  • go into the kitchen / the house
  • towards
  • movement in the direction of something (but not directly to it)
  • go 5 steps towards the house
  • onto
  • movement to the top of something
  • jump onto the table
  • from
  • in the sense of where from
  • a flower from the garden

Other important Prepositions

  • from
  • who gave it
  • a present from Jane
  • of
  • who/what does it belong to
  • what does it show
  • a page of the book
  • the picture of a palace
  • by
  • who made it
  • a book by Mark Twain
  • on
  • walking or riding on horseback
  • entering a public transport vehicle
  • on foot, on horseback
  • get on the bus
  • in
  • entering a car  / Taxi
  • get in the car
  • off
  • leaving a public transport vehicle
  • get off the train
  • out of
  • leaving a car  / Taxi
  • get out of the taxi
  • by
  • rise or fall of something
  • travelling (other than walking or horse riding)
  • prices have risen by 10 percent
  • by car, by bus
  • at
  • for age
  • she learned Russian at 45
  • about
  • for topics, meaning what about
  • we were talking about you

f.dvla fj,djg f.dvdlau use fjk Prepositions  3 la ;shkjd" tajdkï IN , AT , ON ;j álla úia;r lrkjdkï,


01). Used for unspecific times during a day, month, season, year / wúksYaÑ; Èkhla fmkaùug fhdod .kak mq¿jka'
  • She always reads newspapers in the morning.
  • In the summer, we have a rainy season for three weeks.
  • The new semester will start in March.

02). Used to indicate a location or place / ;ekla fmkaùug fhdod .kak mq¿jka'
  • I am currently staying in a hotel.
  • My hometown is Los Angeles, which is in California. 
03). Used to indicate a shape, color, or size / yevhla" meyehla fyda ñkqula fmkaùug fhdod .kak mq¿jka'
  • This painting is mostly in blue.
  • The students stood in a circle.
  • This jacket comes in four different sizes

04). Used to express while doing something / fohla lrk .uka lrk ;j;a fohla lSug fhdod .kak mq¿jka'
  • In preparing for the final report, we revised the tone three times.
  • A catch phrase needs to be impressive in marketing a product.

05). Used to indicate a belief, opinion, interest, or feeling / leue;a;la úYajdihla .ek u;hla m%ldY lsÍfï§ fhdod .kak mq¿jka'
  • I believe in the next life.
  • We are not interested in gambling.


01). Used to point out specific time / ksYaÑ; fj,djla m%ldY lsÍug'
  • I will meet you at 12 p.m.
  • The bus will stop here at 5:45 p.m.

02). Used to indicate a place / ;ekla m%ldY lsÍfï§'
  • There is a party at the club house.
  • There were hundreds of people at the park.
  • We saw a baseball game at the stadium.

03). Used to indicate an email address / email address tlla m%ldY lsÍfï§'
  • Please email me at abc@defg.com
 04). Used to indicate an activity / l%shdjla úia;r lsÍug'
  • He laughed at my acting.
  • I am good at drawing a portrait.


01). Used to express a surface of something / u;=msg mDIaghla u; we;s fohla úia;r lrkak fhdod .kak mq¿jka'
  • I put an egg on the kitchen table.
  • The paper is on my desk.

02). Used to specify days and dates / ksYaÑ; Èkhla fj,djla ioyka lsÍug fhdod .kak mq¿jka'
  • The garbage truck comes on Wednesdays.
  • I was born on the 14th day of June in 1988.

03). Used to indicate a part of the body / YÍrfha fldgia yeÈkaùug fukau "iu u;=msg hula oelaùug'
  • The stick hit me on my shoulder.
  • He kissed me on my cheek.
  • I wear a ring on my finger.

04). Used to indicate the state of something / fohl ;;ajhla fmkaùug
  • Everything in this store is on sale.
  • The building is on fire.
Tkak wo f.dvdla lreKq Thd,g lsh,d ÿkakd' Thd,g m%Yakhla ;sfhkï my;ska odkak'