Jan 4, 2015

Bluetooth File Transfer for windows

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uDÿldx.fha ku : Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner

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  • Easy to use, simple, intuitive and extremely powerfully user-interface.
  • Scans both remote ( laptops, PDAs, smartphones, etc) and local (all Bluetooth dongles installed on your PC ) devices.
  • View your phones and services in several formats: large icons, small icons, tiles, details, list; exactly like Windows Explorer.
  • You can save a lot of device and service information to clipboard by a simple right-click over the desiderd field.
  • Explore full details of your phone by double-clicking over it, when network scan is terminated.
  • Detects device capabilities along with device information and device address.
  • You can deeply scan all services of every single Bluetooth device.
  • Built-in, easy to use and simple device authentication feature.
  • Unique cache system to speed-up detection of already known devices and services.

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Technical Details

  • Software Name : Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner
  • File size : 755 KB
  • Requirements : Windows Vista / Windows7,8
  • License : Free
  • Publisher website : www.medieval.it