May 2, 2021

Apple AirTag How it works, features and price

Apple announced the air tag at an event in April 2021. This is their latest product. Here's what they need to know about AirTags, all the details they offer, where they can be purchased and how much they cost.

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The product has been rumored for a long time and has now finally launched. It's by Apple One of the cheapest gadgets ever made. After using Bluetooth in the FindMy app, you can attach it with items such as keys and wallets that can be tracked. You can see where it is at any time as it goes with the item. 

Apple announced the air tag at its Spring Loading event on April 20th. Pre-orders for air tags begin on April 23rd. This can be purchased from the market after last April.

This AirTag can be attached as a keytag to your car or two keys, to a motorcycle or bicycle that gets in the way of a trip, or to a small child's school bag. Then you can track where they are using the FindMy app as shown below. And you can see where it has gone. Let's take a look at all the other details like how the new gadget works and its features.

Let's see how the air tag works.

To use the AirTag gadget, you need an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 14.5 or later, iPad OS 14.5 or above. Once you are set up, you can use Find My on all devices to find objects attached to the AirTag.

The Apple Air Tag is powered by a U1 chip using ultra-wideband technology. With this, you can see any place near, indoors or outdoors or as a final location. If you enable Accurate Finder on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, you can find its distance and direction if the missing airtag is in range.

A battery that can be replaced by an AirTag lasts about a year. It does not need to be charged. To remove the battery, click on the back panel of the gadget to deactivate it. The maximum Bluetooth range is about 100 meters. The air tag comes with IP67 water and dust resistance and can stay in water up to 3.3 feet (1 m) for half an hour. When it is not framed it is set with a one-tap gesture.

A single air tag costs $ 29 and A packet of four air tags costs $ 99. You can buy it from the official Apple website here.

Battery & Protect.

The AirTag uses a replaceable battery that lasts about a year and you can't recharge it. To remove the battery, press Disable it on the back panel of the gadget. The air tag comes with IP67 water and dust resistance and can be submerged in water up to 3.3 feet (1 m) for 30 minutes.


Find my app works on Apple ID. You do not need to mention the security of an Apple ID. It's so safe. so no one can track them and protect the user's privacy and security. Location data and even history are not stored.