Jun 6, 2021

Keyrep 2.0 - Sinhala Typing Support Software 2021

Keyrep is a valuable software designed to type Sinhala letters.  It's been about 6 years since the first version of Keyrep software was released. Visit here to download the old version of Keyrep. The developers who created this have released the latest version of Keyrep 2.0 here this year. All the flaws in the old version have been fixed here. This valuable software was developed by CITS Institute & We are grateful to them.

Keyrep 2.0 - Sinhala Typing Software 2021

Many people use this software to type Sinhala words in Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop exactly as they should. Visit here to Download this Keyrep 2.0, After Download you need to Double click & Open the Software, then minimize it, go to the taskbar & click on it and then tick the "ON" and type the words. That's all. 

This software has been released as a paid version. Keyrep developers charge Rs.1000 to get the activation code. If you want to use Free you have to use the old version. For those who want the article that gave the old version of Keyrep software, Visit here.