Aug 25, 2021

Run Windows 11 online, No need to install anything

It's been 2 months since the launch of Microsoft Windows 11 and you can download the free Windows 11 update now if you have joined the Windows Insider program. However, the real problem with Windows 11 is that it is still being tested. So far, Microsoft has only released the Developer version of Windows 11.

You may have a lot of problems when using the new operating system. Although installing Windows 11 on a computer is very easy, you may want to test it before installing it on your root system. There are several ways to test the new operating system. You can install it on a virtual machine or go to the web page that represents Windows 11.

Run Windows 11 online - No need to install anything
Please note that the web page created by Blue Edge is not fully functional entertainment in Windows 11. It is not a remote desktop operating system. It's just a web page that mimics the look of Windows 11. You can see the preview of Windows 11 and its interface. Yes, you can open the Start menu and search for Widgets, Edge Browser and Windows Store. However, the web page has a lot of errors.

Ok, visit here to test windows 11 online.