Jan 17, 2022

5 Things You Need to Know About Compliance Reporting

5 Things You Need to Know About Compliance Reporting
When you talk about building your own business, it is not all about selling and gaining profit but also following specific industrial standards and regulations that are relevant to the business. Violating and not complying with these regulations can cause the business owner to pay heavy penalties or, worse, shut the business down. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you should have enough knowledge about these reports.

Living in an advanced society, business owners use electronic devices to store data for customers and businesses. The bigger the organization, the more prominent the data stored by the company. This is where the regulations come into the picture. As a novice to the business world, it is customary to be confused; here is some information about compliance reporting that you need to know.

What Is Compliance Reporting ?

Compliance reporting is the method of submitting specific information to the auditors that shows that your company is following all the requirements set by the government and the regulatory agency with the given particular standard. These reports are generated initially by the IT department of the company.

Inside a compliance report is information on how the company and customer data are properly dealt with. Additionally, auditors would question the company on how the data are controlled and secured, how they are stored and obtained, and how they will distribute it both internally and externally. Big companies usually use tools like a compliance management system to generate the necessary reporting of the company.

Importance of Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting is essential to every business since the organization handles data about the company and its customers. First, compliance reports are required by regulatory obligation. Some companies must file certain reports with their specific regulators to comply with the governed rules.

The customers mostly use compliance reports. For example, before a potential client will do business with you, the customers might want to know more about what your company offers, and having compliance reports will guide you to answer their queries. Having a compliance report will also help your company be informed regularly of the current state of your compliance posture.

Examples of Compliance Reports

As the definition says, compliance reports differ for each type of business. Compliance reports have various subjects. Some might have a designated structure since there are specific regulatory requirements needed. Organizations may have different forms and structures of the reports, but their content matters the most.

Some examples of compliance reports required for the organization are; a review of policies and internal controls or know your customer compliance, a summary of documentation and testing of security controls, a report on policies and procedures, and a review of due diligence programs. Compliance reports give heads up to the company risks that may threaten your company's future.

What Are the Contents of a Compliance Report 

Compliance reports should be precise and direct to the point. Lengthy reports with irrelevant information might mislead the auditors while performing the audit. So to avoid confusion, these are some things you should include and exclude in your report. First, a statement regarding the regulation question. Second, the report's scope discussion is precisely what the officer reviewed.

Third, a review of the compliance process. This should have complete details about the report. And lastly, the summary of findings of the analysis. A compliance report can also include some suggestions to improve compliance, but this does not apply to a fixed structure report. Any other details not related to the report should be left out.

What Makes the Compliance Report Effective

Effective compliance is helpful to its reader. So while making the report, you must think carefully that not all can understand the terms used by the compliance officer, resulting in confusion and misunderstanding. This is why compliance reports should be written so readers can use the reports correctly.

A compliance report should have clear language and proper sentence structure. The report should be concise and include an executive summary. There should be a list of actions or timelines of improvement and, lastly, a statement of necessary actions from the executives. Following a design template for a report is recommended since it is affordable, accessible, and will commit fewer mistakes. It will also add points from the compliance officer.


Compliance reports have many requirements needed, which is why companies should invest in technological devices that can store data properly to be used during compliance. It may be stressful, but this significantly contributes to the organization facing risks and new strategies.

Reports can be the doorway for your company's improvement and expansion in the future. This is also to prevent you from paying heavy fines or even closing your company. Compliance reports will also save time in legal disputes where these can be used as factual evidence. As an entrepreneur, it is necessary to learn what compliance reports are all about.